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Claudia Lombardo is the founder of Centromanente Roma.  Claudia holds a Career Diploma in physiotherapy from Johannes University Clinic in Gutenberg di Mainz (Germania). 

Claudia has worked with several of German accredited clinics specialized in Neurological and Orthopedic issues from which she obtained diplomas for all the following methodologies:

  • TER - Blum (Certified TER – Blum instructor since 1997)

  • PNF

  • Vojta (newborns and adults)

  • Craniosacral Osteopathy

  • Bioenergetica in Loewen

  • Self-healing by Kuby

  • Manerosan (In 2008 Claudia joined the research and development team of the Manerosan method)

  • Therapy for full Post-COVID recovery. A low cost specific package.


Claudia moved to Rome in 2008, where she became fully certified and obtained license to practice on Italian territory from the Italian Ministry of Health.

Claudia is a multi-language speaker: German and Italian native language, English and French fluent.

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TER-BLUM is a relatively new therapeutic technique for improving the alignment, posture, and muscle memory of the neuro-physiological system. Based on the original research of Stemmführung Roswita Brunkow in 1992, Mrs. Blum started her own deep clinical study on orthopedic and neurological patients to develop the current new and improved TER-BLUM therapy.

The TER-BLUM technique focuses on correcting the interrelation between the fascia, muscles, nerves and bones that generate the movement patterns which misalign a person's posture. The therapy achieves correction of the posture with the use of “manual clutch” or gentle pressure techniques, stimulating the impulses emanating from the neuro-muscular system the body learns new and improved ways to stay aligned and stores them in its muscular memory.

This technique has been proven successful with patients following orthopedic surgery, facing paralysis and managing cerebral palsy. The TER-BLUM approach has been successfully used in many neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics and geriatrics departments in hospitals all over the world.

The standardized treatment plan starts with an in-depth analysis of the feet as primary base of the body. Manual clutch techniques strive to correct the interrelation between the feet, the ankles and the knees so that the entire body can begin to receive proper alignment. Similar attention is then given to the hands to enhance everyday performances and correct for whole body alignment. The spine, neck and head receive final consideration to guarantee correct posture.

Patients can apply TER-BLUM auto stimulation effectively on their own, following a brief instructional program from their physical therapist.

In order to ensure the patient a long - term, independent of the therapist effect of the improved posture pattern, it is possible to independently perform the Autostimulation using an audio CD.



The Manerosan technicque was developed in the German by homeopathic physician Sabine Rosenberger in 2005, and uses the principles of the classic homeopathy discipline.

The Manerosan Method is a multi-disciplinary process that observs and analyzes the patient as a whole (body, emotions and soul).  Pain and aches are a scream of help of our body allarms system, not all physical struggles come form a mechanical or muscular imbalance but often is the expression of an emotionial

overload or trauma.

Thanks to the Manerosan 360 degree approach, that looks at the individual as a whole, the therapist can identifiy broader problems and ways to improve them.  The Manetrosan Methodiology believes that when you pay attention to dynamics and levels of the person being, you will armonize the body and soul which will flourish in all its potentiality.

CENTROMANENTE holds seminars and informational meetings on a regular basis for people interest to know more about the Manerosan discipline. 


I Seminari


  • Information on the method Manerosan and the C4 therapy


  • Seminaries of Manerosan:

        Seminary: Grandma’s remedies

        Seminary: The four quadrants and the time phases

        Seminary: The intelligence of the body and of love

        Seminary: “Me and the sistems”

        Seminary: The strength of the trees and there message

        Seminary: Fairy tale


  • Course of Autostimulation TER-Blum with audio CD

      1.part: Autostimulation of the feet

      2.part: Autostimulation of the hands





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